30 & 31 May 2023

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Tuesday 15 November 2022

13:00 - 14:00

Magdalena Federowicz-Boule - Tremend

How will awareness for the environmental change investors' view on the built environment? Are we at the beginning of a revolution?

It is up to us as architects to set an example of conscious design with attention to minimizing the carbon footprint. It is on our side to convince the investor of this necessity.

We often carry out metamorphoses - of hotels, shopping centers or other commercial spaces. During these projects, where possible, we use the elements found in a given place, renovating them and giving them a completely new character. This is the case with the hotel in Paris, and it was the case, among others, with the FSO factory in Warsaw, which now houses the Global Expo trade fair and convention center. The building's structure, old cranes and lamps were preserved, restoring them to their former glory. Painted and refurbished, they became an integral part of the entire project, allowing the space to retain its post-industrial character without generating waste.

There can be no conscious design without introducing alternative energy sources. Of course, everything depends on the investor, the budget and the scale of the project. However, there is no shortage of examples on the Polish market that prove that energy self-sufficiency of a building is possible. One of them is the design of the Metropolitan Railway Station in Lublin, which made it to the so-called "short list" of the prestigious World Building of the Year competition. The lump of the building was constructed in such a way as to minimize as much as possible the demand for energy needed to heat the station. This will be made possible by photovoltaic panels located on the roofs of bus stops, providing the electricity needed for the facility.

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