Global Expo Warsaw
26 & 27 October 2022

Features and seminars

Thursday 31 March 2022

17:00 - 18:00

Ewa Kuryłowicz - Kuryłowicz & Associates


Architecture in a city can be seen like sculpture - the buildings embrace the air, but also shapes the scenery. This has long been shown, in two-dimensions, by Nolli's plans. The shapes of the spaces between buildings facilitate or block the movement of air. Thanks to the air, the human eye operates and absorbs light. The human body needs that precious oxygen to function. The quality of air in a city depends on the possibility of its movement, on the greenery, on the relationship with the waterside spaces of the city. Thanks to the air, we can coexist with birds. Air and its vibrations transmit sound - buildings and the spaces between them, thanks to their forms, can even play, create the city's soundscape. Nothing is constant in the city, everything is always in a state of trembling. I will talk about our projects in Warsaw, near water, in this context.

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